Thursday, 10 February 2011

Not Talking

Written by  Sherri Mandell

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Not Talking

I never thought I would be a wife who didn't know what her husband was doing. But my husband Alan (we've been married for 11 years) hardly talks to me. Lots of times I only know what's up with him because I hear him talking on the phone to somebody else -- or a friend of his mentions to me something that Alan is doing.
I can't believe I'm in this situation because part of what drew me to Alan was how much I liked to talk to him. Now he hardly says a word to me. He comes home late, watches TV and on the weekends he's busy watching sports or playing tennis.
I want him to tell me how he's feeling. When I ask him, he gets this dull look in his eyes. He mumbles something, but he doesn't open up to me. He doesn't even tell me trivial details.
How can I get him to speak to me? And listen to me? To take an interest in who I am and what I think and feel? To open up to me?


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Sherri Mandell

Sherri Mandell

Sherri Mandell has a Master's degree in Creative Writing and has taught writing at the University of Maryland and Penn State University. She is the author of the book Writers of the Holocaust. She has written articles for the Washington Post. She is married with four children

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