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What Are The Signs Of Pregnancy?

Written by  Marsha Ellentuck

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QDear WholeFamily Counselor,

First I would like to comment on how good this site looks and how informative it is. I am writing regarding a question my fianc?e recently asked me, "What are the signs of being pregnant?" and truthfully I didn't know how to answer her.

Please help me out.



ADear "Clueless,"

The first sign of pregnancy for most women is the absence of menstruation following conception. Some women, especially those who have been pregnant before, find their breasts and abdomens have a heavy feeling and their nipples are unusually sensitive. But, for the majority of women, missing a period is the first sign.

When this happens, it is advisable to do a pregnancy test, either at home with a pregnancy kit from the pharmacy or through a family doctor or gynecologist. During the first three months of pregnancy, the first trimester, many women will often feel nauseous, especially in the morning hours, hence the term "morning-sickness." Other possible symptoms during the first trimester might be increased fatigue and a tendency to sleep more.

I hope this answer indeed helps you out.


Marsha Ellentuck, MSW

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Marsha Ellentuck

Marsha Ellentuck

Marsha Ellentuck is a licensed sex therapist as well as a couple and family therapist. She received her master's of social work in 1978 from the University of Pennsylvania. Her work as a community organizer led her into the field of sex education, first with teenagers, later with all different populations, including parents of young children and pensioners. During her training as a couple therapist, Marsha realized the need to combine her sex education knowledge with her therapy skills and continued her training in sex therapy. Marsha Ellentuck works in a wide variety of settings -- a family therapy clinic, a sex therapy clinic as well as in private practice. She also gives lectures and workshops on many different subjects concerning sexuality.

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