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Felice Kahn Zisken and Ellen Kahn

Felice Kahn Zisken is a writer and translator. Ellen Kahn was an Eldercare consultant and recruiter in New York. She passed away since the writing of this article.

Dear Ma, One of the questions on my mind these days is the body and aging. I'd love your input. Does one accept the natural changes of the body? Does one fight them, go with the flow or find a way to stay firm and fit and invest the necessary time and effort? I was thinking about your running the New York marathon and the kids telling their friends with great pride, "My grandmother ran the marathon." I loved talking to you after you trained. You sound energized and full of the spirit of the thing. You told me once that it had helped you build stamina and discipline for other challenges of life, and that the marathon people stressed that what was important was doing one's personal best.

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