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Sherri Mandell

Sherri Mandell

Sherri Mandell has a Master's degree in Creative Writing and has taught writing at the University of Maryland and Penn State University. She is the author of the book Writers of the Holocaust. She has written articles for the Washington Post. She is married with four children

Celene, 15, just lost her father to cancer. She is having trouble coping with the sadness, and the guilt she feels for not having done more while he was alive... I went shopping for Reeboks, and my father was dying of cancer. What was I thinking? He gave me money and I went out and went to the mall and bought myself sneakers, and he was lying in bed. He could hardly get out of bed. I bought Urban Decay nail polish. And I met Charlie and I had Chinese food with him.

In the high school parking lot on Friday afternoon, after school, Seth faces a difficult dilemma. Makko: Are you going to the party at Trisha's tonight, dude? Makko puts his arm around him Seth's shoulders. Seth: I guess. Makko: My man, it's B.Y.O.S. You've got some, right? Seth: I don't really have... Makko: A stash...I can fix that. You want me to hook you up, dude? Seth: No, it's okay.

Samantha (14) and Luis (15) are sitting under the bleachers in the high school field on Friday night. Samantha is trying to convince Luis to go all the way. Samantha: I wanna do it. I wanna see what it feels like. Luis: I think what we're doing now is enough. Kissing. Let's wait. Samantha: C'mon. We love each other. Luis: Yeah, we love each other but I don't want trouble. Samantha: There won't be trouble.

Roger (40) and Lisa (42), the parents of Becky(14), are in the kitchen, having a cup of late night herbal tea, and discussing their daughter. Roger is a journalist and Lisa is a C.P.A. Roger: You what? Lisa: I made an appointment at the gynecologist. For Becky. Roger: For what? Lisa: For birth control. Roger: What are you thinking? She's only 14.

Nicole is 13. Her older sister Jenny is 15. They're getting ready for school. Nicole: What did you do to your hair? It looks weird. Jennie: Why don't you just shut up? Nicole: Did you cut it? You cut it yourself? Mom is going to kill you. Mom, Mom! Jennie: Just shut up. Leave her out of it.

My friend Jonathan can watch as much TV as he wants. But I get an hour a night. I can't even watch a movie. And meanwhile they stay up and watch a movie after I'm in my room. Is that fair? No -- it's not. Therapist's Comments on Obsessive Love Reading this monologue, my heart really goes out to Chelsea. Fourteen can be a tough age. We know that the teenage years are full of strong emotions, and Chelsea is not unusual in being totally consumed by these feelings of love for a guy she has never even talked to.
Brett and his Dad, Roger, have not been getting along. This is the latest in a recent series of arguments. Roger: Turn off that damn music! Knocks on the door. Roger: Don't you hear me? The music gets turned down. Roger goes downstairs. The music gets louder again. Roger goes upstairs again. Roger: Turn off that music. I'm going to break this door down. I swear. Turn off the music. He starts kicking the door.
Dean, age 17, is having trouble with his family. He feels that they are stifling his freedom, and he wishes they would leave him alone. Tanya (Mom): Dean, your grandmother asked you to pass the pasta salad. Dean looks down at his plate. Tanya: What are you, deaf? Pass the pasta salad. Dean passes the pasta salad. Grandmother: How was school today? Dean: Okay. Tanya: Did you have any interesting classes? Dean: Not really.
Lindsay and Gillian are best friends, both 15. They're walking to school.

Lindsay: I can't tell you.

Gillian: What?

Lindsay: I'm in shock. I'm out of my mind. I'm going to kill somebody.

What are you talking about?

I saw her.

Ed and Caroline are in the process of getting divorced. Tanya, their 13-year- old daughter, is discussing her feelings about Ed's new girlfriend, Laurie. Ed met Laurie when the car she was driving skidded and crashed into Ed and Caroline's front hedge. Laurie is a divorced mother of a three-year-old and a five-year-old.

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