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Dad's Cheating on Mom: A Therapist Comments

Have you seen Dad's Cheating on Mom Again: A Monologue yet? By Ruby Wolbromsky, Ph.D. What do you think Jen is going through? You can almost hear her wondering: * "What kind of husband is my father?"...

Liz on Divorce: When Your Dad Walks Out

It's true. More than half of all marriages end in divorce. Probably half the kids in your class have only a mom at home. But knowing that didn't make it any easier when your dad walked out. It's not ...

Divorce and Dad's New Girlfriend: A Drama

Ed and Caroline are in the process of getting divorced. Tanya, their 13-year- old daughter, is discussing her feelings about Ed's new girlfriend, Laurie. Ed met Laurie when the car she was driving ski...

Mom May Be Having an Affair: A Drama

Lindsay and Gillian are best friends, both 15. They're walking to school.Lindsay: I can't tell you.Gillian: What?Lindsay: I'm in shock. I'm out of my mind. I'm going to kill somebody.Gillian: What are...

  • Dad's Cheating on Mom: A Therapist Comments

  • Liz on Divorce: When Your Dad Walks Out

  • Divorce and Dad's New Girlfriend: A Drama

  • Mom May Be Having an Affair: A Drama

Alyssa Wineblatt

I can't say that boredom is a problem in my marriage. Although we are locked into more than one ceaseless conflict, and enact the same script in some matters, for some reason, no matter how repetitive and trivial the matter, I always find it dramatic. For example, I want my husband to help me in the kitchen after dinner and he wants to sit. For some reason, we are unable to find a compromise. We have fought about this matter periodically for 15 years. One would think we would get tired. But no, I am always ready to engage in this conflict as though it were interesting. He may get tired of it, but me, I always think of it as a drama of life and death proportions, with me playing a victim or a martyr or, on the other hand, a heroine who wins cooperation.

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