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Vacationing with Grandchildren

In the idyllic days when many grandparents still lived on farms, children would go down to spend part of the summer with them. They would learn how to milk cows and feed chickens, and inevitably exper...

Expert's Comments on The Drama:

Expert's Comments on The Drama: "Disciplining Grandchildren"

In the drama, "Disciplining Grandchildren," Violet criticizes her daughter Arlene because of the way Bobby behaved during the party. Arlene defends herself and criticizes Violet. Arlene feels hurt and...

Grandchildren Give Tips to Grandparents About Travelling to Europe

Rochelle Furstenberg, Co-ordinator of the Senior Center, wrote tips for grandparents taking grandchildren on vacation. She then took three granddaughters, Rinat, Efrat and Linda to Europe, and at the ...



A genius has been described as a stupid kid with adoring grandparents, and the truth is we do love our grandchildren to the extent that we think they are gorgeous, cute, brilliant and unique. W...

  • Vacationing with Grandchildren

  • Expert's Comments on The Drama:

    Expert's Comments on The Drama: "Disciplining Grandchildren"

  • Grandchildren Give Tips to Grandparents About Travelling to Europe



Steve Cuddlechuck, PhD.

Steve Cuddlechuck, PhD.

Steve Cuddlechuck, PhD., is a native of Atlanta, Georgia, where he received his advanced degree in Anatomy and Kinesiology. (His undergraduate work was in Philosophy, but his parents urged him to "learn something useful".) He was teaching Anatomy at Pitt High School in Michigan (where he moved after marrying Charlene Bowers, the school's principal), when he realized that he'd rather be playing basketball. He's been coaching ever since, and sometimes even hands over the ball. Doc Cuddlechuck enjoys engaging in debates with his wife's three (single) brothers, who come over every Sunday to watch football and virtually eat him out of house and home.

(The above bio is a work of fiction. Coach Cuddlechuck is a composite of advice dispensing guys who wish they were that cool.)

Hi. I'm 15 and I've never had a date or even asked anyone out. There is this one girl named Sara (not her real name) that I like a lot but I don't know how to ask her out because I've had no experience with asking someone out on a date. I've kept running everything through my head to think of what I could do and I always get a good idea but whenever I even see her, my mind goes blank. I know it's not because of fear of rejection or something like that. I would do ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING for her, when I even look at her I get all weak in the knees and other things happen also. My friend who had the same thing happen to him, says that this is true love. I would trust my life with him and he says I should ask Sara out and I want to but, I've never had any experience with this and I don't want to scare her away. So my question is how do I get her to go out with me?

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