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A parent writes, “Our nine-year-old son has begun to express an intense dislike for school. In the morning, he will say he is not attending school. He may refuse to dress and will do so after our most determined insistence only. He cries at times. He has repeatedly expressed feeling tired. He may willingly agree to do homework, but does it poorly, or does not complete it without some kind of unpleasant episode.” Read what Dr. Sylvia Rimm advises this distraught parent, about helping the child to overcome hurdles now and in the future.

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Interactive Features


Learn how to express yourself through letter writing- using proven techniques for creating positive relationships.

Family Soap Opera

Join the Austen-Kutchinskys as they struggle to make their new blended family work.

Real Life Dramas

Listen to others struggle with the marital and child-rearing challenges that stump us all.

Crisis Center

Need help with substance abuse, divorce, eating disorders, school failure, teen pregnancy, moving, depression? Visit the Crisis Center

Real Greetings

Real Cards...for Real Life

Family Fun

Fun and educational activities for the whole family.
Parent Epiphanies
Great Parenting Tips
Wisdom Of The Ages

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