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It kinda started three years ago when my great aunt died. She was 65 and my second mother. My mom was not around a lot when I was a kid so my big influence was my aunt. The morning she died I went to her room to give her my daily kiss hello but as I walked in I knew something was wrong. I can still see her face like it was just this morning.

By Anonymous, age 16: One morning my father caught me spilling my breakfast down the sink. It would not have been a big deal, except that he happens to be a pediatrician, and I happened to have just lost twenty pounds in the last two months. He put two and two together, and freaked out. Welcome to Parentsville. The confusing thing is, everyone, including my mother, has been telling me how great I look lately. The woman whose kids I take care of in the evenings said that I was her "inspiration" to go on a diet.

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