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My Seven-Year-Old Has a Pot Belly!

QMy seven-year-old has had a sudden growth spurt -- in all directions! He's grown two inches and gained six pounds in just three months. And he has suddenly developed a pot belly. I offer him balanced...

My Seven-Year-Old Won't Brush His Teeth

It's a daily battle to get our seven-year-old to brush his teeth. Any recommendations? A Guest Expert Judith Tanenbaum, DMD, replies: The basics are: demonstrate and explain, over and over and over. ...

Spotting Eating Disorders

Have you been wondering why your 12-year-old daughter is gaining so much weight? Have you been concerned that your 15-year-old looks too thin? To find out about teenage girls and body image, we interv...

Considering Drug Treatment for Your Young Child?

More parents than ever before are considering using medication to treat their child's emotional or behavioral difficulties. (See Who's Drugging the Children?) If your physician or your child's teacher...

  • My Seven-Year-Old Has a Pot Belly!

  • My Seven-Year-Old Won't Brush His Teeth

  • Spotting Eating Disorders

  • Considering Drug Treatment for Your Young Child?

Terri Andrews

Terri Andrews

Terri Andrews is the mother of three and resides in Athens, Ohio. Writing professionally since she was 12, a columnist at age 16, lecturing at age 18, and a publisher of 6 national publications at the age of 23,Terri's subject matter ranges from ADHD and step-parenting to working from home and information pertaining to her Native American heritage. Top Ten ADHD Questions and Answers A graphic artist, community mediator, professional lecturer and paralegal - she combines her interests and operates the Turquoise Butterfly Press from her home. Her publications include: The DPX, Inc. (for divorced and step parents), The Good Red Road (Native American), Mama's Little Helper (ADHD), Politically Correct (for teens 13-19), Talent Plus (for budding artists) and The Success Connection (home-business). Terri also operates an advertising agency, The Success Connection Inc., conducts outdoor "Native American" walks, and is writing 3 books: Embracing ADHD, More Than Just A Visitor and The Good Red Roads' Book on Balance. So far this year, you can find her articles in such publications as: Energy Times, Herb Network, Manic Mom's, and The World & I.

"I just can't seem to get a handle on things," says Donna, a full-time mother of three and full-time assistant manager at a popular restaurant. "It seems as though every day is harder than the next. My day goes out in all directions, nothing pieces together and every day is a crazy mess. I need help getting it together." Donna is not alone. All across the country, millions of people are trying to juggle parenthood, career and homemaking at the same time.

In 1969 the Governor of California, Ronald Reagan, signed the first "no-fault" divorce law which made it possible for couples to divorce without first proving the other guilty of adultery, abuse, or other spousal wrongdoing. Within 5 years, the idea caught on and 20 states passed similar laws. In today's courtrooms, "no-fault" divorces are common occurrences initiated by one or both of the litigants in all 50 states.

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