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Romance with Ex-Husband

Romance with Ex-Husband

I am a divorced woman without children. My ex and I broke up because he was attracted to other women and I wanted a strong commitment. He also didn't want to have children. After we got divorced, he...

Sports Fanatic

Sports Fanatic

My husband is a sports fanatic. He follows all sports on TV and he even plays fantasy baseball pretending that he's managing a baseball team. All of his free time is spent watching sports. When we w...



We are in really bad debt. My husband is supposed to manage our finances. But he doesn't do it. So I try to. But he won't keep on a budget and he won't stop spending even though we are completely in d...

Not Talking

Not Talking

I never thought I would be a wife who didn't know what her husband was doing. But my husband Alan (we've been married for 11 years) hardly talks to me. Lots of times I only know what's up with him b...

  • Romance with Ex-Husband

    Romance with Ex-Husband

  • Sports Fanatic

    Sports Fanatic

  • Debt


  • Not Talking

    Not Talking

Marital Dilemmas

Dear Visitor,

Does this sound familiar?

My husband is getting too fat...
My wife loves to sleep with the dog..
Our teen-age daughter wants to get married..

The dilemmas are from real life situations. You are invited to write your comments and advice in response to this week's marital dilemma in the submit box.

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