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Koby Mandell

Koby Mandell, the son of WholeFamily writer Sherri Lederman Mandell, wrote this when he was 13. One year later he was murdered in a terrorist attack in Israel.

I was once bullied by a jerk who wanted to show off in front of his friends . He took a chair from me during school when I was sitting down and I fell on the floor. I said to my friends, "That guy's an idiot" and he heard me. He started to hit and kick me and then walked away. I didn't hit him back because he was bigger and older than me. The book Taking the Bully by the Horns explains why bullies bully.
If I were my parents I would always stick up for my kid because if you don't, your kid begins to feel bad and thinks that you don't care about him. Anyway, your kid always needs somebody to stick up for him. I would also let my kid wear whatever he wants and make his own decisions, because kids need freedom as much as parents do, if not more. I'm not saying you can let your kid do whatever he wants, but don't confine him, and let him make his own decisions. I would also let him keep his room however he wants.
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