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Monday, 07 March 2011

The Austen-Kutchinskys: Cast Overview

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Meet all the characters from the Austen-Kutchinskys family.

Illustrations by Martin Holt

Joseph (Joe) Kutchinsky

"I never believed I'd get married again. I feel close to Pamela but I don't know if I love her."

Joseph Kutchinsky Jr. (Joe Jr.)

"Okay, so he was lonely, but he didn't have to screw up my life just so he could get some regular sex."

Judith Austen

"And that stepbrother I inherited! He is the most vulgar and filthy person I have ever laid eyes on."

Pamela Austen

"I wonder sometimes if we can pull this off. All seven of us are going through such major changes."

Christina (Chris) Kutchinsky

"I miss Mom so much. Pamela will never be my mother."

Malcolm (Mac) Austen

"Maybe after school starts everyone will be happier..."

Peter (Petie) Kutchinsky

"I miss Mom too, but at least I'm busy doing stuff."

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