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Thursday, 22 March 2001

Grandchildren Give Tips to Grandparents About Travelling to Europe

Written by  Rinat and Efrat Furstenberg , Linda Levi

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Rochelle Furstenberg, Co-ordinator of the Senior Center, wrote tips for grandparents taking grandchildren on vacation. She then took three granddaughters, Rinat, Efrat and Linda to Europe, and at the end of their touring Paris, Florence and Venice, she asked them to write the tips they would give to grandparents. Here they are:

  1. Grandparents must realize that their areas of interest might be different than those of their grandchildren.

  2. Children are not particularly interested in museums! It's true that museums are air-conditioned, but kids still prefer shopping and movies to Boticelli and Da Vinci.

  3. Grandchildren are very much affected by being hot and hungry and tired, (especially when they've gone to bed not long before getting up.) You can't expect them to enjoy sites in this state. You must make sure that they have regular meals. Of course, it must be food that they ordinarily like to eat like pizza and pasta, and more pizza and pasta.

  4. It is a good idea to give children an allowance of money so that they can feel independent and buy things they like, without having to ask permission all the time.

  5. Grandparents can rest assured that the grandchildren are having a good time. They don't have to ask every five minutes whether they're all right or not.

  6. Now to our grandmother-
    these warnings do not neccesarily refer to things you did. We had a wonderful time, and came to realize that learning about history and culture of Europe was as important as Euro-Disney - But still not as much fun .
    Thank you.. We love you.

Your oldest granddaughters

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