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Saturday, 01 January 2000

Mom & Dad Are Splitting Up: A Monologue

Written by  Sheryl Wachsman Prenzlau

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Brandon, 6 1/2, comes home one evening to discover his Daddy is leaving home. He can't understand why his parents can't solve their problems without his Daddy moving out, and he's wondering if he is to blame.

I don't understand. Why did Daddy move out last night?

I came home from school and he was taking out a suitcase. It looked like he was crying! Anyhow, he kind of messed my hair and said he'd see me on the weekend.

Lyn kept pulling on Daddy's pants and wouldn't let him leave, but Mommy finally stopped her from running down the steps after him. They were both crying - Mommy and her, and I felt like crying too.

Why does he have to move out? They said they weren't getting along anymore and needed a "separation". What's that supposed to mean anyway? Can't he just sleep in the basement if they're not getting along? Does this mean they're getting a divorce? I tried to talk to Mommy later on, but she was too busy bawling into her pillow. I wasn't sure what to say, anyhow.

I hate it!! I wonder why they can't get along. They're always telling me and Lyn to work things out.

I hope it's not my fault. They're always arguing about me and my schoolwork and stuff. Maybe if me and Lyn didn't fight so much, Daddy would stay.

I wonder if I won't see him anymore. Will he come to visit? Or take us somewhere else, on Sundays, like Vinny's father does?

I wonder what that's like - not seeing Daddy every night for supper and tossing a Frisbee around before bed and playing with the computer together...

Where's he gonna live, anyway? Who will I live with, Mommy or Daddy? And what if Mommy gets married to someone else? I'll wonder if he'll be mean, like in some of those storybooks.

Daddy always reads a story to Lyn and me at night. Who's gonna do that, now?

Brandon, age 7 1/2

A Therapist's Comments on Divorce


Drama Credits
Audio Actor: Daniel Mandell
Directed By: Toby Klein Greenwald

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Sheryl Wachsman Prenzlau

Sheryl Wachsman Prenzlau

Sheryl Wachsman Prenzlau has written a number of works of fiction for WholeFamily.com under pseudonyms and she contributed to the first chapter of the original online version of The Affair. She says, "I draw not on my personal family experience in my writing, but from my observations of real life situations." Sheryl graduated from Queens College in NY with a BA in Psychology. She has edited an anthology of children's stories and published many children's books, including a five-part series, Bible Stories for Children. Sheryl has written first person stories for newspapers and magazines. She is married, the mother of two and the proud grandmother of a beautiful baby girl.

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