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Saturday, 01 January 2000

Your Voice On Life, Love & Marriage Communicating: What would you change in the way you relate to your spouse?

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QWhat would you change in the way you relate to your spouse?

Your Voice

  • Understand her???? Ha! No man can understand any woman. I would be more firm, put my foot down early in how our children are "raised".

  • That he would hear me when I talk and not take me for granted! To be able to discuss, "talk" when needed like reasonable adults rather than his attacking (guilty) denial style of attacking to avoid the issue...

  • No, we have a good relationship, yeah we have spats but doesn't everyone?

  • I would like to be more patient.

  • I would like to approach him in a more positive and loving way.

  • I would be more tolerant of his limitations and idiosyncrasies - I'd be less critical.

  • I don't think my spouse and I do relate, because we married young, I had to grow up fast and take over the responsibilities, and he still acts like an irresponsible, party-hardy teenager. I wish we could be partners, instead of me feeling like I am his mother.

  • Clearer messages (better communication).

  • I would change the way we communicate. Instead of allowing him to half hear what I say, I would make sure he has my attention.

  • I would be more patient.

  • Communicating. I have been married for 15 years and we seem to be growing apart. I am really scared and don't know what to so. Are there a lot of marriages that have communication problems.

  • I would make him a bit more messy, because he always has to have the house spotless. I know it sounds very strange, but that is the only thing I would like to change!

  • If I could start from the beginning, I would talk softer, smile more, tell her when she was pleasing 10/1 over displeasing, say "I Love You" at least 3 times per day, not jump to the conclusion that she meant to hurt instead of help, not take her for granted, never distrust her motives. BUT, after 24 years of doing it the wrong way, and in spite of hating myself for it, I have all of those mentioned "knee-jerk" reactions when I relate to her. She doesn’t believe I don’t mean it, because I am SO convincing!!
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