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We all have our to-do list. We couldn't live without it. And we all know the best part of a to-do list is the crossing out part. You cross an item off that ever present and interminable list and you feel, Ah... that sense of accomplishment. My to-do list almost always looks the same, with hardly anything crossed off ever. So I knew I had to do something. I, too, wanted that feeling of satisfaction, of accomplishment, the zing you get when you put that line throughout yet another item. With the holidays coming, I knew my list would get even longer. Which means there's less of a chance to get that wonderful crossed-out feeling. So I created my didn't-do list.
Published in Moms and Dads

What mother has not almost pulled her hair out, stifled a scream, or locked herself in the bathroom out of desperation for a five-minute breather during that awful time known as "the witching hour"? Indeed, that hour before - and sometimes during - dinner, when everyone is more likely to be tired, cranky and hungry, can jangle the nerves of the calmest parent. Mothers (and even if both mom and dad are working, somehow mom is usually the one in charge of dinner) feel particularly pressured during the late afternoon hours.

Published in Discipline/Behavior

Family Fun

Whether an upcoming holiday, a birthday or just for a special surprise, it seems part of our year is spent choosing gifts for our children. In today's age of constant advertising - the Internet, television, magazines and newspapers - it's easy to be overwhelmed by our choices and not know where to start. While nobody but you can know what presents will most excite your child, here are some important points to consider as you start on that yearly dilemma: WHAT PRESENTS SHOULD I BUY FOR THE KIDS?

Published in Early Childhood Fun
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