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Monday, 29 November 2010

Letter of Love and Appreciation on Our Wedding Anniversary - I

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Dear Husband,

You know it's not like me to be mushy but I wanted to tell you on this -- our 15th anniversary -- how much you mean to me.

I know you often get overlooked because I am so busy with the kids and my job. I know I take you for granted. And I'm sorry. Because without you, I would be half a world.

Thank you for shouldering so much of the financial stress of the family. I know it's hard.

Thank you for working so hard for us. I know you do. I know you're tired too.

Thank you for doing a lot of the things I'm not good at: the shelves, the car, dealing with the electricity. I know I should be more of a feminist. But my father was bad at those things too.

You are always there for me, like a beacon for a ship. The captain can only see the light during the night, when it's needed. During the day it's not visible. But that doesn't mean it's not there.

That's how I think of your love. I know it's always there and when I need it, it shines forth to guide me.

I want to thank you for always making me feel beautiful even through four pregnancies.

I want to thank you for all you have taught me. You always see through to the truth of things. I appreciate your commitment to a spiritual life no matter how hard it gets. For your ability to make sacrifices to live the way you think is right. Your risk taking. Your sense of adventure. And your humility. I have never had more than a moment of boredom with you. Your desire to always grow and change allows me to grow and change.

I love sharing a family with you. I want to thank you for caring about the kids as much as I do and being there for them no matter what. Unlike most men, you truly put in the hours. I love parenting with you and loving the kids together.

I want to thank you for always making me feel that our love is the most important thing to you and that your commitment to me and our marriage and our family is stronger than anything. I have never had to question your priorities.

You have taught me to stay put. I have learned that I don't have to run away or after things to find fulfillment because it's all here with you.

I knew I wanted to marry somebody I could really know. Somebody I could grow together with

And here you are.

I love you more than I did when we started.
I love working things out together and growing together as a couple.

I know this is corny
I know that I am not always easy to live with. And that I sometimes lose my temper and say things to you that I regret.

But know, that without you, my life would be empty.

Happy Anniversary.

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