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Monday, 29 November 2010

Letter of Love and Appreciation on Our Wedding Anniversary - II

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Letter to my wife on our 16th Anniversary.

My Darling,

I have learnt that awareness of synchronicity is a very important attribute to possess. Today is our 16th anniversary of meeting. Sixteen is an age of passage. These last days, I have been busy trying to unravel a knot made up of many strands. The strands belong to a glass curtain which covers a door.

When I first looked at the knot, it seemed impossible. All the strands were covered in dust. The dust of time, things undone, unraveled strands. How should I go about this task ? Certainly not by force, for the strands, although very strong, would snap and the glass beads scatter and break. Not by trying to take each strand by the end and trying to follow it back to the source, for every strand disappears and is hidden in the knot itself. The method is to shake the knot repeatedly, always looking where the strands cross and recross, with infinite patience but with firmness, strength, gentleness and infinite perseverance. I haven't yet succeeded, but I will.

Since it takes a long time and requires intense concentration, the very act of this unraveling is also a form of meditation. Meditation on the many strands which make up my life. I have to unravel them to be able to part the curtain, to pass through it into the next stage. To let it close behind me. It will always be there but it will be transparent and as I pass through, it will make the sound of music not pain.

I look to you, my love, and I realize how you lead me to face unraveling the knots of pain from the past and to attain maturity and wisdom in all the aspects of my life. I realize how infinite love is, how you and I were sent to each other and how the problems that come up are knots to be unraveled with patience and determination. I am completely aware how happy you have made me and how you have developed into the free, powerful and wise spirit which you are today.

I feel us as a couple, as two opposite sources of energy, in orbit together yet looking outward through the cosmos. We are separate yet together, we complement and complete each other. We each have those parts that the other lacks and by giving energy to them, we strengthen each other as individuals and as a couple.

How wonderful love is. How infinite in it's light and power. How amazing to wake up every morning in love with a woman as wonderful as you and to feel your love coming to me, filling and inspiring me.

May we both continue in growth, awareness, knowledge, wisdom and love.

Happy anniversary,

Your husband.

PS. As a starting step into year seventeen. I will not wear my shirts inside my pants………….until it is "in" again.

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