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Monday, 29 November 2010

Letters to Yourself

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Writing a letter, or even a short note, to yourself can be a very powerful experience. It can bring you comfort, encouragement and strength, like having a conversation with a friend who knows you intimately, loves you unconditionally and sincerely wants to help you improve what needs improving, overcome difficulties and feel okay about yourself.

Even if you confront yourself, the process can be healing because it allows you to encounter your doubts or challenges in a supportive, non-critical way.

We will help you learn how to write letters to yourself that congratulate, encourage, comfort, validate or simply remind you that you are worthy of love and are to be valued.

Sample Letters to Myself

1. Sample I - Working on a Relationship

Dear ________,

Things have been tough for you lately. You've been feeling kind of lonely and down, like nobody understands you, appreciates you or cares. Or maybe somebody does, but not ___________ (a family member, friend, or colleague), who means so much to you.

It's okay that you're feeling what you are; go ahead and allow yourself to feel it. If it's something that you can't talk about with her/him, write about it. Once you've written it out, put it away and move on in your relationship.

If it's something that you think you can and should talk about, think about what would be the best way to communicate with her/him and find the right time and place to do it.

Remember that you are a person with your own special talents and character traits. You have a lot to offer the world. Your worth is not measured by the attitude or opinion of ____________.

Be aware of your worth, your gifts and your strengths. Even if s/he doesn't realize it, others do. Most important, you do.

Be well and find happiness in all the good things that surround you,

____________ (Signature)

2. Sample II - Short and Sweet Reminders to Hang in There

(These are examples of short notes you can stick on your mirror, in your briefcase or your backpack, or to send to yourself at school, work or home, for a variety of situations.)

Dear ________,

You're great/cool/a terrific person. I know that you are doing the best you can. Keep a good sense of humor at all times. It can save your day :)

And while we're at it, kudos for keeping away from the cigarettes/alcohol/sugar/etc. Take it one day at a time.

Alternate example: Okay, you missed that deadline. Admit it, move on and you'll get it right the next time!

Alternate example: Yes! You sailed through that confrontation with your mother-in-law/boss/ex-husband/etc. with flying colors!

Love J,

___________ (Signature)

Use at least several of the following principles in your letter to yourself:
Validate yourself.Accept responsibility if you did something wrong.Ask yourself for forgiveness.Move on with a smile.
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