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Monday, 29 November 2010

The Therapeutic Benefits of Letter Writing

Written by  Chantal Danino Holt

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By Chantal Danino Holt, Coordinator, Marriage Center

Letter writing is one of the simplest yet most powerful ways to create a healing experience for your self and for the people you love the most.

Letter writing can help you release negative feelings constructively. Once the negative feelings are out of your mind and unto the paper, there is a sense of well being. Through this process you can uncover new options and solutions.

The process of letter writing helps you to understand your feelings, thoughts and attitudes.

Besides the sense of well being after writing a letter, there are also physical benefits to writing about painful experiences or emotions. An unexpected benefit to letter writing was reported by Claudia Kalb in Newsweek, April 26, 1999 (pages 75-76), in which she wrote, "Letter writing can strengthen your immune response, reduce the symptoms of depression and reduce the need to visit a doctor."

There are several types of therapeutic letter writing, and we urge you to check our guidelines to understand how to obtain the maximum benefit from this type of communication.

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Chantal Danino Holt

Chantal Danino Holt

Chantal Danino Holt, the mother of three children, is one of the founders and volunteer directors of SHANI, a non-profit organization against child prostitution, and is also a social worker, Reiki Master, reflexologist, and works in visualization work and psychotherapy with individuals and couples, integrating mind/body/spirit healing with conventional psychology. During the year 1999-2000 she was the coordinator of the WholeFamily Marital Center.

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