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Sunday, 25 March 2001

Some Thoughts on a Kimono My Dad Bought Me

Written by  Kira Summer

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When I was 10, my father bought me a kimono.

He was on a business trip and he came back with a powder blue, American gift shop cotton kimono.

A robe, really, with an ethnic feel to it.

I loved it, but it was too big. A woman's small. I still wore girls' sizes, but he didn't know that. It dragged on the floor.

I left it in my closet.

I tried it on again at 13. The length fit me better now, but it was too see-through. I hadn't noticed that at 10. Also, I was too fat. When I tied the sash, it made my hips stick out.

No, I couldn't wear that kimono.

So I left it in my closet.

I tried it on again at 16. It was sexy. It was see-through! And it hugged my sleek new curves well. Problem: Way too old looking. And my DAD got it for me. You had to be kidding. It was SO ten years ago.

I totally left it in my closet.

Where it stayed. For a long time.

Until recently. My mother cleaned out my closet and brought me what I hadn't taken during the few weeks before and after my wedding seven years ago. We were both reluctant to really clean things out, I guess. So we left things alone for a long time.

But on her last visit, my mom brought me the kimono my dad gave me when I was 10.

It was the right length, and the right size, and I liked how it looked.

Also, I was really happy to be wearing something my dad bought me with so much love, even if he missed the mark by a long shot. It was the thought that counted.

Now, after having two kids of my own, I can wear the kimono.

I'm glad it finally fits.

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Kira Summer

Kira Summer is a mother, wife and woman. (not necessarily in that order)

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