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Sunday, 25 March 2001

The Gifts Our Fathers Gave Us

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Life Changing Treasures

By Ruth Mason
Director, Parent Center

My thoughts about my father usually veer toward what he didn't give me. Like time: I was born when he was 64. He died when I was 15. Or real fathering: He grew senile at the same time I became an adolescent. I don't remember sitting on his lap or playing catch or hiking or bicycling or doing any of those things kids with "normal" fathers did.

But. My father had been a game-playing, star-gazing world-traveling cosmopolitan type of guy in his youth and he passed on his loves to all of us kids. He taught me chess at five and poker at six. He told me bedtime stories about lions in Africa and elephants in India. He planted in me the seeds that bloomed into a love of foreign places and people and an enjoyment of games that continues into adulthood

My father's fortunes went up and down throughout his long life, but a lucky streak toward the end allowed him to leave enough money so that I would always feel backed-up and so that my mother, whom he adored, would never want for anything.

I didn't get it all, but what I got were life changing treasures.


Open Doors
By Chantal Danino-Holt
Coordinator, Marriage Center

My father gave me the gift of open doors. He instilled in me a sense of adventure, the challenge of new discoveries, and the excitement of starting over with no fear, be it in a new country, or with a new relationship. Because of my father, the outside world was inviting, a place to conquer and bring back the trophies of knowledge, experience and growth. He also taught me that change is possible, at any age, and that our will is our sharpest tool in life.


By Sara (Klein) Eisen
Director, Teen Center

My father is totally natural and comfortable wherever he is. He is always straightforward and just himself; he refuses to pretend anything. He is friendly to strangers, adventurous and inquisitive.

He makes everyone around him feel included - he kind of wraps himself around a situation and makes it safe. As a child, I enjoyed this sunlit, it'll-be-OK feeling, and now, I think, I project it.

My dad gave me the gift of presence.


A Father's Gifts to his Son
By Martin Holt

I will give my son a mirror: Not that he should be vain but that he should see who he is.
I will give my son a staff: Not to beat others but to give support.
I will give my son learning: Not to impress others but to open his mind.
I will give my son love: So that he will know it, give it and receive it in return.
Then I will send my son on his life's journey knowing that I have equipped him well.


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