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Monday, 29 November 2010

Letters on Parental Expectations Part II: Teen to Parent

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The Wrong Way

Dear Dad,
You never even asked for my side of the story! I guess that you just don't care about me and what I think.

You don't even care what really happened.


The Write Way

Dear Dad,
I really just thought it was going to be a typical party. I mean, sometimes we sneak a couple of beers but that's all. We hang out and watch videos. Nothing else. It's just us guys.

And usually Don's parents are home. They weren't last night.

I guess it started when some girls came over. They kind of dared us to open his parent's liquor cabinet and we did. Yea, I know that this was wrong, and stupid. I tried a couple of things but I didn't like it so I just drank a beer. Some of the other guys got really blasted. I think that the girls had done some Ecstasy or some drug like that before they came over. Anyhow, one of them got really sick. We dragged her out on the lawn to get some air and she passed out.

That's when we got scared. I called an ambulance and then the cops came.

Listen, I know that what we did was really stupid. It just kind of got out of hand.

I know that you believe that parents should be around when kids have parties and now I know why

I know that I've let you down. I guess that you won't trust me now.

I'm really sorry that it happened.

Love, Johnny

Samples letters written by Dr. Louise Klein, psychotherapist.

Use at least several of the following principles:
Don't get stuck in an impasse. Tell your parent that you understand his disappointment.Accept the invitation to explain what happened and start a dialogue.Accept responsibility if you did something wrong.Ask for forgiveness.
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