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Monday, 29 November 2010

Letter from Teen to Parent About Tension in the House

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The Wrong Way

Dear Mom and Dad,
I am sick and tired of your bitching and complaining at me all the time and I wish I could just be out of this house. If you are not complaining about me you are fighting with one another and I can't stand to listen to your fights night and day. Why don't you just get a divorce? At least it would be quiet. I hate both of you and can't stand another day here. If I could leave home and never come back, I would. You are the worst parents I can possibly imagine. Why don't you get a life?

The reason I spend so much time at Melissa's house is because I can't stand being here. What losers!!

I wish I weren't your daughter.

The Write Way

Dear Mom and Dad,

I am writing this letter because I want to tell you some things that are hard for me to say.

You both have been very tense for a long time. When you yell and fight with one another I feel angry and sad and scared, because I it seems like our life is just one big fight after another. I am afraid that you are going to get a divorce if you keep this up.

It doesn't seem like you even like one another and lately it hasn't seemed like you like me very much either.

When you told me to shut-up yesterday and then criticized me for being nosey, I felt really hurt. I thought you were blaming me for your tension.

It is hard to be at home because I want to be where it is peaceful and we don't have a peaceful home now.

I know that there are things about being married that I don't understand and I hope you don't think I am saying that I would know how to do it better. I don't. But if you can't figure it out between the two of you, maybe you could see somebody who could help you.

I feel like I am going to go crazy with all this anger around me all the time.

Mom and Dad, I love you both. You are both really good people.

Could you just try to work something out? I want our family to be happy.


Sample letters written by Ms. Patricia Lawrence Pomposello, CSW and psychotherapist.

Use at least several of the following principles while writing your letter:
Don't blame. Don't accuse. Make "I" statements. Share your feelings honestly but respectfully.Be specific about what bothers you. End with a statement that affirms your belief in them and your love.

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